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24h free access to the coach community


Live Mentoring

CTO bro provides 1:1 chat with experienced CTOs and lead devs. Choose your Bro and meet on a weekly basis.

In full confidentiality we support the leaders of tomorrow for their recruitment strategy, management, code industrialization, and other topics. Set your goals together and get live mentoring in your private chat room.



Private network of experts

Our best mentors answer questions on any topic. Ask a question and get the answer in minutes, or a work day at most.

All coaches are passionate about development, growth management, leadership…

When a question pops in the chat the discussion starts, opinions are challenged for the benefits of your product.

24h free access to the coach community

  • 1:1 chat
  • Community channel
  • Team channel

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    What I value the most is to obtain concrete recommendations and appropriate tools and resources when I ask very specific questions about my actual use case.

    Jean-Baptiste Richardet, CTO @ cameo

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    Great mentors go beyond questions, they inspire. CTO Bro is a solution that provides the mentor and the mentee with networking, ideas and it help them both with skills development.

    Christophe Hébert, CEO @ Bluecoders

Why choose CTO Bro mentoring?

  • CTO Bro makes time

    The only way to succeed is to find the right sources of information, to feel what matters and deserves your time and attention. It is an instinct that is acquired with work and experience.

    We offer you no more than this: you bring the what and we challenge the how.

  • The Bros, the pros!

    We hire for you the best CTOs and lead devs who are recognized experts in their fields. They are not consultants, they are mentors.

    Our coaches evolve in the same environment as yours, they are full time on their ambitious project which relies on them, on their technical and human skills. Just like you do.

  • Save time, choose to be guided

    Mentors share their knowledge, in groups or individually, occasionally or daily. No matter the method, we want your success.

    In all cases this will be a rich and personal relationship.

24h free access to the coach community

Our solution

  • Peers are there for you

    Take advantage of your peers’ experience

    Our years of experience as lead developers and CTOs allow us to express interesting point of views, relevant contacts and new ideas that make sense.

  • Mentoring by CTO Bro

    Custom Mentoring

    We choose with you the person with ultimate expertise in your field, for an immediate ROI.

  • Success by CTO Bro

    Your success, nothing else

    All your questions will find an answer, quickly and without limits in the number of questions or their complexity. The “Bro” loves to be challenged!

  • 1 to 1 chat by CTO Bro

    Personalize your experience

    You have the choice of the coaching style: code reviews, brainstorming, daily meeting, group chat between several experts and your collaborators. Take exactly what you need.

24h free access to the coach community


Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

  • CTO Founder


    For CTO co-founders, who have to create a product and set up a team.

    30 to 60 min/week of coaching + access to the community of experts.

    • Choose a coach you trust
    • Plan up to 8 hours per month of live chat with your “bro”
    • Access to the private network of CTO Bro experts

  • Teams

    Soon Available

    Fits the needs of dev teams and in-house innovation departments.

    Live 1:1 chat + open discussions as part of a chat room dedicated to your team. Pay-per-use.

    1 Bro dedicated to your team for Live 1:1 chat and group discussions in your chat room.

    • Dedicated room for your “leads” managed by your Bro
    • Open private channels when needed
    • Activity monitoring and monthly reports

About us, the founders

As founders of CTO Bro we ensure the recruitment of coaches, and we guarantee you a human experience that will be decisive in your success.

About us

We help the leaders of tomorrow to take their place in an exciting professional world, with our cumulated experience of 10 start-ups, 20 years as a CTOs, 18 years as freelancers.

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